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Im Rahmen des ersten Jour Fixe FDM nach der Sommerpause laden wir Sie herzlich zu einer Diskussionsrunde zum Thema Data Stewardship an Hochschulen ein. Freuen Sie sich auf Vorträge von Esther Plomp, Data Steward an der Faculty of Applied Sciences der TU Delft und KollegInnen der RWTH Aachen und Uni Bielefeld.

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Daniela Hausen, RWTH Aachen: Data Stewardship at RWTH Aachen University
RWTH Aachen is currently creating a profile for data stewardship. It comprises an educational concept for young scientists re-garding Research Data Management, Open Access, Open Science, patents etc. Just as important is the task to create a struc-ture for networking across the disciplines and cooperating with other universities and research institutions. At RWTH, Data Stewards will be located in the faculties and will act as link between their own special subject group and the university’s Re-search Data Management Team. Thus, they will ensure that services and infrastructure will be developed to meet the needs of researchers and scientists.

Cord Wiljes, Universität Bielefeld: Data Stewardship at Bielefeld University
Bielefeld University implemented Data Stewardship in the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) as well as in two Collaborative Research Centres. While the data steward of the cluster was employed directly by the cluster, the data steward of the SFBs is employed by the University Library. Similarities and differences between these two concepts shall be pre-sented. In addition, Bielefeld University actively implements RDM in the curriculum of several degree programmes. A discussion about the connection of these activities in future Data Stewardship concepts shall be stimulated.

Esther Plomp, TU Delft: Data Stewardship at TU Delft, the Netherlands
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) started the Data Stewardship Project in 2017, and currently has a full time Data Steward at each of the eight faculties of the university. The Data Steward is the first point of contact for researchers regarding data and code management. When the Data Steward cannot answer questions regarding these topics, they connect the researcher to the Library, ICT, Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and Legal services. Thanks to this connection point, the re-searcher will always receive an answer or be guided to the appropriate service that can assist them with their needs.


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